Cell Phone Radiation Sheild Price In Pakistan

What on earth is cell phone radiation?

According to the scientific Research radiation will be imposed in the process of communicating with the whole cell phone. Pasting one radiation protection sticker is divided in two meanings. Is that means healthier and less harmful. There are three major radiation sources: antenna (talked in use of radiation) receiver and microphone (irritable radiation causes useless radiation). The radiation associated with these radiation resources will be absorbed by our body and it will affect body tissues and affect our health. As it is known, radiation is harmful to our body. Different levels of different losses are different. The methods have proven that the following people will be easily damaged.
1. Elderly
2. Pregnant women
3. White collar and business men
4. Exclusively heart disease patients or high blood pressure
5. Children, children are growing and their immune system is not yet growing. Therefore, radiation is the worst
6. . People who have physical standards and weak immune systems

Green World Mobile Phone Anti-radiation protection sticker shield in Pakistan

Mobile Phone Anti-radiation protection is made by Green World Company using through precursor technology materials. It offers a strong radiation absorbility and radiation reduction. It is stable and long lasting. Green World Cell Phone Anti-radiation: as technologies Progress, more and more people use call phone frequently. Cell phone radiation has become most popular in Pakistan and All over the World. ‘Invisible killer’ with people in every movement…Green World Mobile Phone The anti-radiation protection sticker is produced by EMSI Clean Technology using electromagnetic radiation absorption, so cell phone users can have a healthy phone call environment.
• Radiation Absorption Rate: 93.7%
• Radiation Reduction Rate: 99.9%

Effect of cell phone radiation

Scientific research shows that using cell phone without radiation protection measures will produce the following symptoms.
• Muscle and Articles Pain
• Eye failure, blurred vision and even pearls
• . Headaches, earaches, toothache and low jaw pain
• Attention – Error disorder, grease and memory failure
• Pain on facial pain and other parts of the body, particularly unusual quick feeling and skin damage.

Green World Cell Phone Radiation Shield Benefits:

Reduces the radio waves associated with cell phones – there is a form of non-invading radiation which potentially causes brain tissues. Recommended for: Children, Patients with patients, Elderly, Women with hope, Compromised people with compromised safety, People often use cell phones

How to install:

Just clear the end level of the receiver and paste the sticker on it.

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