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Ganoderma Plus Capsule

Ganoderma Plus  Price In Pakistan

Ganoderma Plus in Pakistan is an excellent health care product in Traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology. Green World Ganoderma Plus Capsules best for those People who need to boost immunity,Ganoderma Plus is rich in different types of pharmacological active herbal ingredients essential to the human activity which can restrain the fibro sarcoma tumor cell growth, black-pigment disease; control the metastasis of cancer cells; enhance. Green World Ganoderma plus Capsule achieves over 95% sporodem-broken rate by adopting nano ultrafine crushing technique to break the ganoderma lucidum spore. The efficacy of ganoderma spore is 80 times higher than that of ganordema. Scientific research abroad approves that ganoderma can strengthen the ability of blood vessels in heart to supply blood and oxygen. Ganoderma Plus CPSULE Can Change The Abnormal Electric Potential To Normal And Eliminate The Cancer Electric Potential. Due to these Expertises In compendium of Holy Farmer, ganoderma is called ‘Saving Grass.

Work Functions of Ganoderma Capsules



In Compendium of Material Medical Green World ganoderma is called “supernatural grass”. Ganoderma plus Capsules included ganoderma amylase, triterpenoids of ganoderma lucidum, alkaloid and 17 amino acids, organic germanium, organic selenium and other several elements. It is effectively and generally recommend as a long-term immune system supporter.


The efficacy of Green World Ganoderma plus spore is 80 times higher that of ganoderma. Ganoderma spore can strengthen the cell-mediated immunity therefore, assists the recovery after radiotherapy, chemotherapy and operation.


The combination of ganoderma, cordyceps plus and ginseng is especially beneficial for its hepatoprotective (liver protective) action. It can helps to reduce the SGOT and SGPT (liver enzymes clinically indicate liver disorders and impairment of liver function).By supporting liver it accelerates cholesterol metabolism thus reduces blood cholesterol level.


Ganodema of Green World inhibits platelet aggregation and enhances the blood circulation. It is best to improves oxygenation of the blood thus increases oxygen utilization of vital organs, such as heart and brain.

Ganoderma Plus Capsules Ingredients:

Scientific research proves that: Green World Ganoderma Capsule are Consist an active ingredients essential to the human activity, Such as
• Spore ganoderma
• ,cordyceps sinensis mycelium,
• radix ginseng
• sugar, amylose, water-soluble protein,
• triterpene, ganoderma amylase,
• various amino acids,
• trace elements Zn, Ge, Cu, Mg, Mn, K,
• Among which the content of Ge is up to 800-2000ppm.
Ganoderma amylase is one of the effective ingredients, which can restrain the fibro sarcoma tumor cell growth and; maintain the strengthen body as immunity effectively.

Ganoderma Plus Capsule Benefits

1. Immune enhancing
2. .Cancer-cell controlling
3. improve insomnia
4. Eliminate the cancer electric potential
5. It prevents and coronary heart diseases.
6. Control the metastasis of cancer cells
7. relieves chronic bronchitis, asthma and allergies
8. Heavy-metal detoxifying
9. Restrain abnormality and autoimmune response
10. performance improving

Recommended Dosage:

 For those who complete the chemotherapy or radiotherapy
 For those who suffer from cancer.
 1-2 capsules each time, 1-2 times in a day.
 300mg x 60 caps.

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